[FWD PHOTOS] 161112 – Birthday Girl Dara at Pinoy Boyband Superstar Online Show ~

Happy Birthday again Birthday Girl ~ Dara ❤
and Thank you to PBS staffs for being so accommodating and super fun!

We were called by a staff while lining up for the Live Show, to give the gifts for Dara’s Birthday, unfortunately ~ FWD was only there to help We Love Dara and Parkers to give the gifts keke ~ We were advice to wait on the Audience seating area, while waiting, the staff took a photo of us and the gifts for Sandy ^.^

And the time came ~ then ppara bam ~ Dara came out to say hello to us and to the Twins! *Online show host* She stayed for 15 minutes I think? She signed the 12 Dara Treats and received our gifts ^.^

Dara, thank you so much for being so sweet, so kind and for smiling at us, every bit of my effort is worth it, the long lines and all ~ Super worth it when I see you smile and thank us. We Love you so much Sandara Park ~

For now ~ Enjoy the photos below! ^,^/

pbs-dara-birthday-2 pbs-dara-birthday-1

pbs-dara-birthday-3 pbs-dara-birthday-4 pbs-dara-birthday-7 pbs-dara-birthday-8

Please ~ Take out with FULL credits
Do mind that, editing or cropping out the logo is strictly prohibited.
Thank you ^.^

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