[SCANS] HQ/HD Scans of Sandara Park X Cosmopolitan Korea November 2016 Issue ~

Hello Blackjacks ~ as per request base on the poll we made in twitter, majority wanted a HQ/HD Scans, so here is it 🙂

Please do mind, crediting FWD (@foreverwithdara) when taking out the photos in our site is a much appreciated gesture. Feel free to edit or whatever you want in the photos ^.^
Enjoy! ❤

(Right click on the photo, to see the full resolution)

fwd-scans-cosmo-dara-pp-1 fwd-scans-cosmo-dara-pp-2

fwd-scans-cosmo-dara-p-1 fwd-scans-cosmo-dara-p-2 fwd-scans-cosmo-dara-p-3 fwd-scans-cosmo-dara-p-4 fwd-scans-cosmo-dara-p-5 fwd-scans-cosmo-dara-p-6 fwd-scans-cosmo-dara-p-7 fwd-scans-cosmo-dara-p-8 fwd-scans-cosmo-dara-p-9 fwd-scans-cosmo-dara-p-10

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