[MAGAZINE] Cosmopolitan Korea ~ A day with Dara in Milan

Sandara Park, what did she do in Milano?

The guest editor of Milano Fashion Week this year is Sandara Park, who is reputable and always interested in fashion. In her first visit to Milano and full of expectation, she started with Fendi Show which is directed by Karl Lagerfeld, then it was Moschino’s show by her friend Jeremy Scott. The last one was Diesel Black Gold which came from New York. She had such a busy schedule that made her not to miss any fashion shows. With a huge curiosity, Sandara Park used variety ways, including videos, gif and photos with her mobile phone to vividly show you her Milano Fashion Week Report!


“On my fragrant way to Fendi Show! Which kind of runway it would be today?”



Sandara Park wore a stripe dress with bare shoulders on Fendi Show. We can obviously found that she was nervous in the beginning. After taking the photos, passing the backboard and received the flashes of light, she sat down at the front row and said her Hello’s to the press.


Finally the show started! Compared with last season, we had bold stripe look and clairvoyant dresses. Wearing pajamas and fell asleep with smile that makes people could not remove their eyes.


“This is my first time to come to DIESEL BLACK GOLD show in Milano!”


“I especially like those female and sporty look.”


Diesel Black Gold came from New York and this was their first show in Milan. From knit skirt to fishnet stocking, the moment she entered the show her all-black choice of Dara attracted the press. Her Black outfit was totally different from the runway which is full of white, pink and khaki that is to emphasized the female details. Foreign press came to interview Dara and she shared her thoughts to them about the show.


“Today my friend Jeremy Scott is here as well! We’ve seen his funky look before. His show is always full of wit and interesting performances. This time it must be your type!”



Sandara contacted Jeremy Scott before she came to Milan and she couldn’t hide that she was looking forward to the show so much. She was wearing 80’s disco style. You just couldn’t ignore her when she appeared from Red velvet curtain. She looked like a doll and all mobile phons and cameras were taking pictures of her. What did she feel when she met Jeremy Scott after the show? “A show full of old-school style and the models lookd fresh and bright .. It absolutely meet our expectation of Jeremy Scott’s wit.”

Credits: Cosmopolitan Korea
Translated by MIAO_21@ForeverWithDara

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