[INSTAGRAM] Ssan-PD a.k.a Dara, shares her Thoughtful Journey on her way to New York ~

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처음에 채린이가 미주투어를 한다고 했을때 너무 기대가돼서 너무x21 가고싶은 마음에 미국 어느 도시로 갈까? 캐나다를 가볼까~?! 하면서 투어 스케줄을 확인해봤는데.. 세상에 내 스케줄이랑 딱! 겹치는거에요!!! 😱😱😱 절망을 하고 포기해야하나.. 하던 순간 극적으로 스케줄이 한주 뒤로 밀리게 되면서 유일하게 뉴욕 공연을 볼수있게됐어요!!! 🎉🎊😆👏🏻👏🏻✈️ 그렇게 뉴욕행을 결정하고 나서 생각을 해보니까.. 나 혼자 보기 너무 아쉽고 아무래도 공연을 보러 오고싶어도 너무 멀어서 오지못하는 한국랙잭이들과 다른 여러 나라의 랙잭이 들을 위하여 오랜만에 다라리포타가 되야겠다고 생각하고 퉨티비 이후로 오랜만에 잠자고있던 캠코더를 꺼내들고 뉴욕행 뱅기를 탔어요. 😎✌🏻️ 싼피디 살아있나?! 🎥

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Dara: “When I heard that Chaelin is gonna hold an American Tour I was so looking forward to it and I really want to go (to the concert) so much X21! Which city of US is it gonna be in? Do they go to Canada~?! When the tour schedule came out and I check my own schedule .. Oh my God. They are totally overlapping 😱😱😱 It seemed hopeless and I was ready to give up .. Just at the moment, one of my schedule changed and I suddenly had one week available so I can go to New York!!! 🎉🎊😆👏🏻👏🏻✈️ So after thinking awhile I decided to go to New York … Unfortunately, I’m gonna go alone. There are lots of Korean Blackjacks who want to watch the show however it’s too far for them to come. And so do those Blackjacks in other countries. So I think I should become Ssan Report again since 2NE1TV has been a long time. I brought my camera with me and took the Airplane. 😎✌🏻️ Ssan-PD live?! 🎥”

Translated by MIAO_21@ForeverWithDara


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