[INSTAGRAM] Dara shares a Short Video Clip of some ChaeRa lovin’ moment ~

Dara: “Preview of “Ssantokki’s Adventure” Synopis” On last September, when Chaerin went back to Korea for a bit, I personally went out to meet her at Incheon Airport .. Even that time I didn’t think I would be able to go to New York even in my dreams .. I was flustered because she suddenly turned on the camera and it’s dark ^^;;; I wasn’t wearing any makeup .. People won’t know it anyway~ But now I came here to New York ^_^ Of course from now on I’ll continuously do Ssantokki Adventure like this ~ jjuk~!!! 🎥”

Read the Translation of their Conversation below ~

CL: “Oh~ unnie~ Thank you for fetching me ..”
Dara: “And just like a sensible Manager, I bought milk Shakes
CL: “Thank you, Thank you”
CL: “Will you come to my tour?”
Dara: “Its too far *mumbles”
CL: “ahahahah!!! Please say something”

Translated by @WeLoveDara

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