[TWITTER] Judge Dara’s comments on Pinoy Boyband Superstar last Saturday and Sunday during the Middle Round

Saturday (161022) SNS Updates

Dara: “This is it!!! Super intense, exciting and fluttering Middle Rounds!!! Wow .. These episodes are fun to watch but at the same time it’s sad that there’s a lot of guys who’ll get eliminated in this round .. So let’s cheer and support the boys!! 😀👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 aja!!! #BoybandMidRounds@boybandph”

Dara: “Watching Pinoy Boyband Superstar online show!!! Excited to watch the #BoybandMidRound s🙈😵 I was having a hard time to choose the Top 20”

Dara: “Who are your Top 3?! #BoybandMidRounds”

Caption: “@krungy21: Before I don’t know how to speak Tagalog, ‘Mahal ko kayo’ that’s the only phrase I know #BoybandMidRounds”

Caption: “@krungy21 who will be group together? #BoybandMidRounds”

Sunday (161023) SNS Updates

Dara: ” The boys dance well?!? 👏👏👏 #BoybandLastChance”

Dara: “Seriously…?! 😱 Good luck Boys! #BoybandLastChance”

And! Yeng Constantino’s Instagram update with her Co-Judges!


Jay Kim’s Twitter Update with Judge Dara!

boyband-1 boyband-2 boyband-3 boyband-4 boyband-5 boyband-6 boyband-7

Translated by @ForeverWithDara

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