[INSTAGRAM] Vogue Korea shares a short Video Clip of Pretty Dara Inviting Everyone to watch 99%IS Fashion Show!

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📡#VOGUELIVE #99percentis 📡 디자이너 #BAJOWOO #바조우 의 99%IS- 2017S/S IN SEOUL🇰🇷서울에서 정식으로 열리는 첫 번째 쇼입니다👊🏻 바조우의 친구죠? 쇼장을 찾은 #SANDARA #산다라 의 예고대로 ⏱잠시 후 9시, <보그닷컴 / VOGUE.CO.KR> 에서 @99percentis 2017S/S 생중계를 감상하세요🤘🏻ON-AIR 🖥💻📱 프로필 상단 주소 클릭, 지금 시작합니다❤️ - This is the first official show in Seoul for designer #BAJOWOO's 99%IS-! His friend #SandaraPark (@daraxxi) was spotted front row. The 2017 S/S collection will be streamed live on VOGUE.CO.KR at 9PM - visit by clicking the link in our bio! #首尔时装周 #朴山多拉

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Caption: “#VOGUELIVE #99Percentis Designer #BAJOWOO of 99%IS – 2017 S/S in Seoul is due to open their first show in Seoul. She is Bajowoo’s friend isn’t she? Found inside the venue is #SANDARA has announced that after a while at 9PM. ay <VOGUE.CO.KR> live broadcast of @99percentis 2017S/SON-AIR Please click the link in our profile, it’s starting now”

Translated by  @WeLoveDara

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