[NEWS] Sandara Park X Kang Seung Yoon, Models for YG’s Monumental “Artistic” Photoshoot


[Osen=Chou Nayoung, Reporter] Sandara and Kang Seungyoon stepped up as heroine and hero for YG’s monumental pictorial shoot.

In the evening of 27th, Sandara and Kang Seungyoon made a surprise reveal of their photoshoot by posting a video of them at the shoot via ‘Livestory’ feature of ‘SNOW’, a communication app.

Watch the whole Behind the Scene of SANDARAxKSY for ‘Pygmalion’

In the video, the two shoe their fun and mischievous sides, filling up the clip with their explosive wits, and lead the shoot on a happy vibe. However, the two become more serious than ever as the actual photoshoot began. The glimpses of their chic and lofty shoot, which can be seen in the behind the scenes clip, only heighten the excitement for the pictorial.

Previously on the 26th of September, YG has gathered much attention as it revealed its first collaboration project pictorial with LVMH. The teaser image released at the time concealed the identity of the models and merely showed parts of their body, intriguing the public.


This project shoot features the 2016 F/W collection of ‘KENZO’, a fashion brand owned by LVMH. For the photo shoot, KENZO itself has flew in collection samples that are not available in Korea from various countries including France and Singapore. From internationally renowned photographer Oh Jinhyuk to creative team, cinematography, hair, makeup, to styling, some of the best hands in the entertainment business came together for the photoshoot.

YG Creative Director said that they produced results of elevated consummation by approaching the photoshoot in a more artistic angle that that is often taken in entertainment industr. YG explained that “as this photoshoot will be revealed through not only Korea Press but also diverse foreign media that [it] paid great attention from preparation to execution, aiming to create an art piece rather than a photoshoot”. LVMH also could not hide its satisfaction that “the unprecedented collaboration between luxury brand and YG that boasts exceptional creative capabilities has produced results that have never been seen”.

The main contents of the photoshoot of Sandara and Kang Seungyoon will be divided into two parts, the first will be unveil at midnight of 27th of September and the second at the midnight of 29th on YG STAGE site and its official SNS Account. The collaboration of two bold characters, YG and KENZO, has been expressed under the theme ‘PYGMALION’.

Pygmalion is a sculptor in Greek Mythology who falls in love with his own sculpture. In psychology, the phenomenon whereby higher expectations lead to performance is called ‘Pygmalion Effect’ after the mythological figure.

Translated by @knkslp1025

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