[LINE] 160830 – Dara Invites Blackjacks to Watch KBS Battle Trip and wants to see them ~


Today, I’m going to share a bit of information for Blackjacks who have been asking for it. Battle Trip recording will be 9/3, right~ Although it’s actually quite difficult to apply this time around I think you should’t be afraid to try ^^;;; *sbos* … Don’t fo that (A/N: Be afraid to try) 

What a surprise, right!!!
There’s a possibility that this information is short (on time)? @.@ (It isn’t .. kekeke) Also, another thing, what story are you going to write in your application?
Your writing skills are surely good ..? _-_ Just write with sincerity! keke Ah I’m curious about what story you’ll write.

Say tat recently, Dara doesn’t have much activities in Korea, so you don’t have much oppurtunities to see her T.T I really want to see you .. 😦

My writing is a little unconventional. When I was an Elementary student, I got an award for it in school .. hihi .. ^.^v

Anyway fighting!!! I too want to see Dara tour with all Blackjacks”

Translated by @WeLoveDara

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