[INSTAGRAM] 160816 Dara’s OOTD Photos & Selca with Hyoni as They Fly to PH

OOTD!!! #MorningFlight #Tired Already #FW #NotHot #IdolMask

OOTD 2 ㅋㅋㅋ coz I must be comfortable in the airplane✈️✈️✈️ #trainingfashion We will leave now~

We took off~!!!^.^ ✈️✈️✈Flight to ️Philippines!!! Bursting of wifi!!! Awesome~~~ >.< Today together with Seunghyun filming for #battletrip ~ Finally Dara tour can be released on broadcast…dugeun dugeun… Ah very awesome.. I’m now inside the plane so I’m doing sns?!? 😱 Like!!!

13628225_1795822080676421_117387644_n  13707016_1256476814372160_255884872_n13652000_1685445118444955_1670141395_nTranslated by : KIMJ1WON + WeLoveDara 12

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