[PRESS PHOTOS] 160805 Beautiful, Cheerful Sandara Park at Penshoppe’s Press Conference in Vietnam

214802_img_8511 214804_img_8231

214802_img_8476 img-3743-1470392052668 214803_img_8284 img-3749-1470392052670 214803_img_8334 214805_img_8227 214804_img_8266 214803_img_8361 IMG0713 IMG-4197-4714-1470399874 IMG-4508-5233-1470399875 img-3789-1470392052682 img-3785-1470392052680 IMG-4180-8145-1470399874 IMG-4176-3821-1470399874 IMG-4267-8488-1470399874 IMG-4229-1812-1470399874 img-3792-1470392052683 IMG-4486-9264-1470399875 img-3690-1470392052703 img-3702-1470392052706 SLP0299 IMG0744 IMG0792 IMG0740 IMG0781 SLP0246 IMG0736 IMG0787 IMG0771 IMG0751 SLP0312 214804_img_8247 img-3663-1470392052693 SLP0304 214802_img_8404 214803_img_8292 214803_img_8347 214802_img_8433 214802_img_8434 img-3717-1470392052707 img-3763-1470392052673 img-3723-1470392052709 214802_img_8407Sources : ione.vnexpress + tiin.vn + kenh14.vn + 2sao.vn

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