[LINE PLAY] 160727 – Busy Bee Dara Talks about her August Schedule ~ Fanmeets, Show Recording and More!

[LINE PLAY] 160727-2

“Aww … I;m really busy this August?! It’s been so long since I’ve been busy like this. Mostly because of overseas schedule so I must stay physically fit!!! And it makes my heart flutter ~ 

Nowadays thanks to most advertisements I do for overseas or Asian, I get to go out a lot to fil and go to fanmeetings. It was like a blessing because it made a lot of opportunities for me to meet Blackjacks ~ ^^

But at times this August there are several overlaps in my schedule so it’s really .. like in the past when we had to attend tours I can’t unpack at all. I must pack foodstuffs as well! Like cup ramyeon, goma kimchi, kanjjanmpong, gochuchamji, gochujangbokkum and so on ~!!! woohoot ~

I should get used to this ^_^v But I can eat local foodstuffs like this by putting one pack eack … kekeke

On early month of August I have to go to Vietnam for a Fanmeet .. After AON tour which was 2 years ago. Woah .. Time is really fast T.T Vietnam fans are really ~~~ passionate so I look forward on meeting them again >.< and I have to film for this and that ~ Then meet with Korean Blackjacks again, I’ll be guesting a lot on Korean programs so watch out  ~ I will have recording for each one ~ I’m also sad because unlike Sugar Man you can’t see me every week .. That’s it ~ 

Hmm ~ Ah and I have recording for a Philippine Audition Program from end of August ~ while going back and forth I want to receive inspiration. It will be a good opportunity for me as well. I’ll do more deep conversation with you soon ~ Goodnight!”

Translated by @WeLoveDara
Transcribed by @ForeverWithDara

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