[LINE] 160706 – Dara shares a Drawing drawn by a Blackjack and praises Blackjacks for their Talents


“This is so cute~ This was also drawn by a Blackjacks right?! Since I had my debut until now Blackjacks have drawn me with different hairstyles and clothes concept and even made sine stickers (There is still a lot of stickers I put .. now where should I stick it .. ) I changed my phone a lot of times I can’t keep them all T.T not long ago my phone can’t airdrop so it’s really hard to find a photo ..

Compared to a technologically  illiterate like me I can’t move it to my computer. They are all cuties so I’ve wanted to keep them all so I must share +.+ Want you want you!!! No what’s wrong! I feel really great and thankful that there are talented Blackjacks ^.^”

Translated by @WeLoveDara

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