[LINE] Sugar Man’s Maknae MC Dara Pours out her Thoughts and Feelings for the last Broadcast ~ “I’m really thankful”


Sugar Man’s last broadcast has ended. Woah .. For the past 9 months I was really happy. As you know we are never quiet like this for so long. Active in broadcast and furthermore no need to fix where we will film that’s why it’s a meaningful program to me so I will continuously remember this. It feels like my first love. ❤

I was sad and sorry for the lack of appearance because I don’t have much role … but then I’m thankful and happy to meet and have good ties with them. If every week you meet Jaesuk oppa, Heeyeol oppa and Eana unnie who are beautiful and it would be good if you receive an advice. And to Yoon HyunJoon PD-nim who believed in me .. T.T To all the Lyricists I’m going to miss you and I’m very thankful …

Our program is finished but our relationship has just began so from now on it would be nice if you can meet me again in another program. I want to show an improved version of myself ^^ I don’t know if there will be a very small change in my daily activities but while doing Sugar Man I have a brighter personality and heard compliments about it ~ They said I became more lively! And every week I get to listen to goo music and talk a lot about it so it was very fun, it was a precious time, and individually I received inspiration in music. In the future activity it would be fun to have a big role. Yes . ^_^ It’s sad …

For .. quiet viewers that supported us with all of their hearts and also to our Blackjacks I’m thankful to all of you .. Please wait for the time you can meet and see me often again. To all thank you for a job well don!!! Bow (__)

PS. Ah and while recording weekly I felt like 2NE1’s assistant!!! ^_^v Recording with Sugar Man sunbaenim for a while and talking with them on break time and a lot of people really compliment 2NE1’s music like it was really good, I’m a fan, and whatever music if yours I like ..  Coming out of our new album so on bringing up a good talk first .. those I can’t express in words only it felt good ^^ Just not saying it I know many of you already know it .. It was really an honor 🙈 I was really happy every week ~ Aww even at dawn I am sentimental, I’m not talking nonsense but only because Sugar Man’s last broadcast has ended .. I’ll just end it here ^^

via @Translated by @WeLoveDara // Transcribed by @ForeverWithDara

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