[LINE] Dara Revealed Photos of Kim Jeonghoon on her Diary and talks about the Show Men ~ “my heart keeps on beating louder”

In the past when you were young you did this right?

Don’t say you didn’t ~ Liar!!! Nowadays kids don’t do this anymore?! You put pictures of Oppa that you like in your diary … and write this and thatt with your friends .. HAHAHAHA


That day when we completed recording Sugar Man after arriving at home I thought of this all of a sudden and went to look for it .. Why I have Jeonghoon oppa’s photo like this? keke I really have it ~ This is really funny and amazing .. Ah I played like this when I was a teenage girl? I don’t even remember until now I was a sensitive girl ^^ Cute 🙈 

Ah that’s why .. even while filming for Missing Korea I mentioned this in a press interview that I was a fan of UN and my heart was fluttering ..?! Anyway I talked about it, when we had script reading and filming I had no time to heart fluttering gossips. T.T I had to practice my line, speak with North Korean accent, dance practice for Miss Korea, and Korean Mask dance.

There were a lot of preparations so I barely had time on my schedule and the filming duration was very short that was during thanksgiving holidays, you know we filmed all night?! I have difficult role so I should have stamina and there was a bit pressure too so I don’t have any miscellaneous thoughts that time (?) I think I was only engrossed in filming. And I was also like that when we recorded for Sugar Man .. when I even heard the hint, ah this is UN! 

It’s not the first time seeing there oppas but my heart keeps on beating louder .. Ah why its like this ..? Then their music came out then oppas came out on stage also .. there was a sudden fast beating of my heart. Acting together oppa was really cool but his look while singing has different kind of charm. I don’t really remember who has stronger appearance on their debut but when singer is on stage that’s when he looks coolest .. This is a complete strength. And when I hear good music I feel good I felt this once again. I’m thankful to oppas for pulling out the sensitive girl side of me just like in my childhood ~

On how did I film the webdrama, I filmed it with no ulterior motive please overlook the suspicions ^_^

I completely worked hard! Hihihi 🙈🙈🙈

via @Translated by @WeLoveDara // Transcribed by @ForeverWithDara

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