[PHOTOS] Press and Fantaken of Stunning Lady Dara at Judith Leiber Flagship Opening

Sooo ~ I really tried to squeeze all the photos in one post so that you guys won’t be having too much trouble looking some of your favorite shots, but its really hard to do it especially the photos are E-N-D-L-E-S-S *ain’t comlain’ here* Anyhow ~ Enjoy the photos! ^.^ and if you like to check the first batch of photos its HERE

And please do reminded that the Fan-taken photos cannot be modified.

Press-Photos-Judith-Leiber-Dara-L-68 Press-Photos-Judith-Leiber-Dara-L-66 Press-Photos-Judith-Leiber-Dara-28

Credits: spokedark.tv + ryt9 + komchadluek + dooddot + @ + dara.truelife.com + hisoparty + @4LeafClover_TH

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