[PHOTOS] MC and TV Host Pavarisa Phenjati Shares a Lot of Lovely Pictures with Sandara Park ~

Caption: “Special interview with Sandara Park @daraxxi thank you 3Zap show na kaa! 😘💕💋💋💋 #sandarapark”

Caption: “Behind the scene… 📷 @/daraxxi What a lovely person !! 💗💕 The first Korean star who actually shown up at the shooting scene before an appointment time and also friendly!!”

Caption: One more pic, the trendiest post right now.~ 😄💗💗💗@daraxxi #sandarapark #สามแซ่บ #3zap

Caption: “What’s am I doing with Sandara!?? If you wanna know just catch up on “3 Zap” show on Sunday 17th July ~ 😘💋💋💋 @daraxxi #sandarapark #สามแซ่บ  #3Zap #channel3″

Translated by @the2ne1hour + @veeictory

whanpavarisa-dara-1 whanpavarisa-dara-2 whanpavarisa-dara-3 whanpavarisa-dara-4

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