[PHOTOS] 160623 – Smiling and Waving Dara at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand

Waaa~!!! Thai-BJs are so awesome! Even though we’re miles apart we can feel the love and warm welcome for our Ssan-tokki, we know its late when Dara came out, but still T.T you guys are Jjang! Blackjacks are the B-E-S-T!!

Dara is in Thailand for an Event for her latest Endorsement Head & Shoulders ~ Enjoy and have fun Thai-BJs!

160623-Thailand-Dara-1 160623-Thailand-Dara-4 160623-Thailand-Dara-3 160623-Thailand-Dara-2

160623-Thailand-Dara-5 160623-Thailand-Dara-24 160623-Thailand-Dara-23 160623-Thailand-Dara-22 160623-Thailand-Dara-21 160623-Thailand-Dara-20 160623-Thailand-Dara-19 160623-Thailand-Dara-18 160623-Thailand-Dara-17 160623-Thailand-Dara-16 160623-Thailand-Dara-15 160623-Thailand-Dara-14 160623-Thailand-Dara-13 160623-Thailand-Dara-12 160623-Thailand-Dara-11 160623-Thailand-Dara-10 160623-Thailand-Dara-9 160623-Thailand-Dara-8 160623-Thailand-Dara-7 160623-Thailand-Dara-6

Credits: @the2ne1hour + @chaeraworld + @yominminyo + @ziine + @jaygyu + @Name_YellowRose + @minttnn + @ptch0 + @ANTH_WN94 + @ltotheast + @Happy_To_Luhan + to Owners

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