[INTERVIEW] CLEO Talks To: Sandara Park Shares Her Secret to Flawless Skin


If you haven’t heard of Sandara Park like the rest of the K-Pop fanatic reading this article, she is one of the four members of popular South Korean girl group “2NE1” and recently the new face of Moonshot Cosmetics. She recently made her way to sunny Kuala Lumpur and shared with us a little bit about her views on Moonshot, personal style and beauty.

1. If you can only use three products from Moonshot for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?

I think it would have to be Microfit Cushion, Dark Spot Concealer, and Cream Paint. Mainly because they are the on-the-go trio that’s in my pouch at all time, and they are so easy to use by myself.

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2. You are known as a beauty icon because of your youthful looking skin. Can you please share with us your daily skincare routine?

It is essential to keep your skin well moisturised. The weather in Korea is much drier compared to that of Malaysia so I use moisturisers and mask sheets. I always carry a facial mist when I’m on the go. And drinking a lot of water helps as well.

3. What are the similarities between you and Moonshot as a brand?

I have come to know more about moonshot especially since I became the new face of the brand. What I truly liked amongst all was that Moonshot and I both like to try new things. There are many Moonshot signature products that other brands rarely have and I had so much fun playing with those.


4. Describe one beauty trend that you were never a fan of. White eyeliner? Lace on eyebrows? Bubble nails?

Have you ever seen any photoshoot and/or music video I was in? You would know that there is nothing I wouldn’t try. I was never reluctant to try the most “eccentric” looks since I felt that it was rather fun and exciting.

5. As an artist, how do you deal with the media’s scrutiny of looking perfect everyday?

After spending years in this industry, I rather choose to be myself. If I pretend I’m someone else and start to think about how I look too much, it becomes hard to deal with. To be myself and to be loved as I am is the most important thing as an artist for me.

6. What does beauty mean to you? Do you consider yourself a beauty junkie?

Beauty definitely represents one’s character, her personality, something that she embodies throughout her life. And I believe make-up is a great tool to help you discover all the different kinds of beauty which represent different people. If you ask me if I am a beauty junkie, I love trying out the latest beauty products and obviously I find myself indulging in the new Moonshot products lately.

Credits: CLEO


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