[INTERVIEW] Elle Singapore Reveals Sandara Park’s “Beauty Secrets”


South Korean pop star Sandara Park’s name is synonymous with timeless beauty. The 31-year-old, who is better known as Dara, debuted more than 10 years ago as a member of girl group 2NE1, and she still looks as fresh now as she did then.

We caught up with the k-sweetheart who was recently in town for the launch of South Korean beauty brand Moonshot’s two new cushions – Microfit and Moonflash – at Sephora. And of course we had to ask her for her anti-ageing beauty tips and tricks.

Her anti-ageing secret:

“It’s really important to keep skin moisturised. I have dry skin, and the air in Korea is dry. I use a mask pack nightly and never go without the Moonshot Skin Fuel Cream*.

“When it comes to my skincare routine, cleansing is very important. I use a cleansing oil and an eye makeup remover, before toning. I use a lot of serums as well, then an eye cream, a moisturiser and a mask pack.

“I also try to get a lot of sleep. When I am not working, I try to get around 10 hours of sleep. I usually eat everything and try to work out, and I take this really sour carbonated vitamin C daily.”

Her beauty trick:

“To keep my skin moisturised on-the-go, I use the Moonshot Mist Essence Moist that is a mist with oil. I use it all the time – before plane rides, during the flight, whenever I need it. Facial mists are popular among Korean celebrities – I always see them spraying on different types of mist.

“Another way of using the facial mist – a trick I learnt from my makeup artist of eight years, Shin Sung Eun – is to spritz the mist onto a makeup sponge before applying foundation with it. The finish is much better this way. I always turn to Sung Eun for beauty advice. We’ve been working together for so long, she knows what’s best for me.”

Her must-have makeup items:

“I never leave home without a mascara and the Moonshot Cream Paint – I can use it as both a lip and cheek tint. I also take a Moonshot cushion with me as they are so easy to use. There are two new Moonshot cushions: The Microfit Cushion that gives good coverage, and the Moonflash Cushion that gives skin a fresh glow.”

Her daily routine:

“When I wake up in the morning, I open my eyes, drink water, stretch and look at my phone. I do the same thing at night. I like to unwind after a long day with a hot shower.”

Her secret:

“I brush my teeth every time I eat something – sometimes maybe 10 times a day, it depends. I’m afraid that when I have to do a photo shoot, there will be something on my teeth.”

Her beauty advice:

“Everyone is beautiful in their own way, so just be yourself.”

*Moonshot’s makeup creative director Jenny Park told us previously that this is a moisturising gel that most YG artistes – including the guys – use. The celebrity salons where YG entertainment artistes go to get ready use this, too.

Credits: Elle Singapore


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