[INSTAGRAM] 160503 Dara Lends a Helping Hand, Shares Blackjacks’ Generosity to the Needy Children


I went to the children’s library at the children’s rehabilitation hospital with Sean oppa~ 📚


Hoping that the children will pleasantly read~ 😀

ChgqW3FUUAATF8hScreenshot 2016-05-04 02.30.35 005ZvdSDgw1f3i4os0oblj30tv0qon2o 005ZvdSDgw1f3i4ots0y4j31430qo120 005ZvdSDgw1f3i4orkkh7j31430qo7am13109030_1785389275023449_1508907322_n 13129635_110324122712465_1267812872_n

Translated by : KIMJ1WON

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