[ARTICLE] Sandara, Forever a Filipino Darling


It’s inevitable. When you’re interviewing Sandara Park, you will end up switching to Tagalog. It shouldn’t be a surprise, really, because long before she became 2NE1’s Dara, she was the Philippines’ “Pambansang Krung Krung,” who first stole hearts with her tearful Star Circle Quest audition.

Penshoppe flew Sandara to Manila last week for a series of events.

Sa airport pa lang, feeling ko I’m home. Pagbaba ko ng plane, ang dami na tumatawag sa akin, “Si Sandara, si Sandara.” Wow, I’m back,” she told members of the media at her press conference. (Trans: Even just at the airport, I already felt like I’m home. When I got down from the plane there are lot of people calling me “That’s Sandara, Sandara” Wow, I’m back,”)

Sandara isn’t just fluent in Filipino, even her sense of humor is very Pinoy. When asked about her life as a student, she said, “Hindi ako mahilig mag-aral. Favorite ko talaga ’yung recess time and lunch.” (Trans: I’m not really much into studying. My favorite time/subject would be Recess and Lunch.”)

Penshoppe signed Sandara as one of their ambassadors last year, adding her to their lineup of supermodels and Asian superstars. “Who wouldn’t say yes to Penshoppe? I love their clothes and (Trans: I really love ) lalong mahal ko ang Penshoppe because they’re really funny, they’re really cool. They’re very easy to work with.”

Sandara, who has been wearing Penshoppe since her high school days in the Philippines, added, “Sobrang masaya akong naging part ng team Penshoppe, parang dream come true. Feeling ko bagay na bagay kami ng Penshoppe.” (Trans: “I’m really happy that I’ve become part of Team Penshoppe, its like a dream come true. I feel like Penshoppe really suits me.)

87097-53 “Dara’s fun and quirky personality and take on fashion represents very well what Penshoppe stands for,” said Jeff Bascon, Penshoppe’s brand director.

It’s remarkable how real, grounded and endearingly unassuming Sandara has remained despite her fame.

Si Sandara ’to,” (Trans: This is Sandara) she introduced herself, first at the press conference at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel and then later that day at Penshoppe’s DenimLab fashion show at Trinoma’s Activity Center, as if they didn’t know who she was, like she wasn’t the reason people had flocked to the hotel and the mall in droves, like she wasn’t the cause of their fervent screaming.


The next day, at her Meet and Greet event at SM North Edsa’s Sky Dome, she expressed concern for her fans. “Do not push para walang masaktanNakita ko ’yung picture niyo nakapila sa labas at mainit so nag-worry ako sa inyo.” (Trans: “Do not push so that no one would be hurt .. I saw your pictures lining up outside even though its really hot outside so I’m worried for you”).

She had talked about her Filipino fans at the press conference too. “My fans are very passionate and mabait, cute. Lalo na ’yung mga fans ko dito sa Philippines, iba talaga sila. Since 2004 noong nasa SCQ pa ako, hanggang ngayon nandito pa sila so every time nakikita ko sila sobrang nata-touch ako and thankful. May kakaibang friendship na kami.” (Trans: “My fans are very passionate and Kind, Cute. Especially my fans here in the Philippines, they’re really different. Since 2004 when I was at SCQ and until now they are here, every time I see them I feel touch and thankful. We have different kind of friendship.”)


When her fans sang to her at the Meet and Greet, she said, “The best kayo!” (Trans: “You’re the best!”).

She was grateful for the chance to see them, she said. “Ang daming tao! Konti lang ’yung chance na magkita tayo so thankful ako sa Penshoppe for making this happen.” (Trans: “There are lot people! We only have a few chances to meet so I’m thankful to Penshoppe for making this event happen”).

She showed her gratitude in many ways. First, by accommodating 50 more fans for the meet and greet than the originally planned 100, gamely posing with them and greeting each one with hugs and her trademark warmth. And then by making the effort to get out of the car to say hi to the fans who weren’t lucky enough to get inside the venue and who had waited for her for hours outside.

When the meet and greet was over, she didn’t want to go. “Ayoko umalis, pa’no ’yan?” she asked host Robi Domingo. Then she turned to her fans, “Sobrang mahal ko talaga kayo.” (Trans: “I don’t want to go, what to do? .. I really really love you all”).

The feeling is mutual. Seventeen-year-old Angela Breze said, “Grabe ang pagmamahal ko kay Sandara because of her Filipino heart. Kahit saan siya pumunta, lagi niya kaming dala and ganon din kami sa kanya, lagi siyang nasa puso namin.” (Trans: “I really really love Sandara because of her Filipino heart. Wherever she go, she’ll always take us with her and vice versa, she’s always in our hearts.”)

Chris Althea Macaisa, 15, was still holding a placard as she gushed about Sandara after the meet and greet. “Gustong-gusto ko po yung pagiging cute and mabait niya lagi, parang hindi siya tumatanda.” (Trans: “What I like about (Sandara) is her cuteness and kindness, she looks like she’s not aging.”)

Sandara may have left the country but she is looking forward to coming back for her future projects with Penshoppe. “More pictorials, sana meet and greet pa sa ibang cities like Cebu, sana, wish ko lang.” (Trans: “More pictorials, hopefully meet and greet in different cities like Cebu.”)



How does it feel to be back in the Philippines?

It feels so good. Ito lang ang hinintay ko sa Korea. I was looking at the calendar, one more day, one more day.

(Trans: “It feels so good. This is what I’m looking forward to when I was in Korea. I was looking at the calendar, one more day, one more day.”)

You’ve worked with Penshoppe for a while now, what do you like about the brand?

First of all, I like the clothes and ’yung mga taga Penshoppe are very easy to work with and hardworking. Every time may photo shoot kami, ang ganda ng mga concept so sobrang nag-enjoy ako.

(Trans: “First of all, I like the clothes and the people behind Penshoppe are very easy to work with and hardworking. Every time we have a photo shoot, the concepts are really great and I really enjoyed them.”)

Do you have other favorites from the new Penshoppe collection?

Kanina kinuha ko ’yung mga wide-leg pants and cropped… Maraming styles ’yung jeans nila eh. I wear them with T-shirts, simple T-shirts with sneakers.

(Trans: “Earlier, I took the wide-leg pants and cropped … Their Jeans has a lot of styles. I wear them with T-shirts, simple T-Shirts with sneakers.”)

Are you excited about the meet and greet tomorrow?

Of course! Sobrang nervous ako and excited. Tinext ko ’yung manager ni Mario Maurer, what do you usually do ’pag may meet and greet? ‘We play and take pictures’ so wow, I’m really really excited.

(Trans: “Of course! I’m super nervous and excited. I texted Mario Maurer manager, and asked them what you usually do in a meet and greet? ‘We play and take pictures’ so wow, I’m really really excited.”)

Do you know some of the fans who will be going tomorrow?

I know them, I know their faces, kanina sa press con nakita ko rin sila. I’m expecting them tomorrow, pati ’yung mga bago.

(Trans: “I know them, I know their faces, earlier at the press con I saw them, I’m expecting them tomorrow, and the newer ones.”)

Your Filipino fans are incredibly loyal, what would you like to tell them?

’Yun nga eh, loyal talaga sila. Minsan parang gusto ko umiyak kasi parang iniisip ko ano bang binibigay ko sa kanila at nandiyan pa rin sila hanggang ngayon? Wala akong masyadong projects kasi sa Korea medyo mysterious ang group namin, wala kaming masyadong TV shows pero nandyan pa rin sila. Wala akong masabi, thank you and talagang mahal ko sila.

(Trans: “They are really loyal (to me). Sometimes I just want to cry ’cause I was thinking what did I give to them for them to stay up until now? I don’t have much projects (in Korea) because our group has a ‘mysterious’ vibe, I don’t have much TV shows but they are still here. I don’t have anything to say, Thank you and I really love them so much.”)

How long are you staying on this trip?

Four or five days lang. Kasi meron akong TV show sa Korea, every Wednesday ang taping, yung “Sugar Man.”

(Trans: “Four ir Five days only. I have a TV show in Korea, and every Wednesday we have a taping, its called ‘Sugar Man'”.)

What other projects should your fans watch out for?

My upcoming movie. ’Yung iba, syempre I would like to try different things like Koreanovela.

(Trans: “My upcoming movie. Of course I would like to try different things like Korean Drama.”)

Tell us about the movie.

The movie is about the music. We’re done filming, we’re editing it now. Very interesting, it’s about music. ’Yung role ko, meron akong disease na I can’t hear music. ’Pag may lumalabas na music, nakikita ko ’yun as a color so parang, stop it, stop it.

(Trans: “The movie is about the music. We’re done filming, we’re editing it now. Very interesting, it’s about music. My role, is I have a disease that I can’t hear music. If the music comes out, I see colors so I’m like ‘stop it’, ‘stop it’.”)

I know you always meet up with old friends, what else are you doing on this trip?

I’m planning to meet with some of my friends pero naku, sana hindi magtampo ’yung iba kasi ang dami kong friends pero since wala akong time I can’t meet all of them pero babalik naman ako eh. Na-realize ko ang lapit lang ng Korea sa Philippines, three hours and twenty minutes. I can come back any time I want.

(Trans: “I’m planning to meet with some of my friends but hopefully they wouldn’t get upset, because I have a lot of friends, since I don’t have enough time I can’t meet all of them, but I’m going back. I realized that Philippines is near in Korea its only three hours and twenty minutes. I can come back any time I want.”)

We know you love Filipino food, what was the first thing you ate when you landed?

Yesterday? Unang-una, may nagbigay sa akin ng Jollibee, ’yung peach mango pie. Kinain ko agad. Tapos nagpunta ako sa may Luneta Park tapos kumain ako ng sinigang, sisig.

(Trans: “Yesterday? The first thing I ate was Jollibee’s peach mango pie, someone gave it to me at the airport. Then I went to Luneta Park the I are Sinigang, Sisig.”)

What else do you want to eat on this trip?

Marami eh. Pero I’m sure I’m going to eat sisig and sinigang again.

(Trans: There’s a lot. But I’m sure I’m going to eat sisg and sinigang again.”)


Credits: Inquirer
Translated by @ForeverWithDara

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