[PHOTOS] Official Pictures of Sandara Park’s Meet and Greet Event for PENSHOPPE

We would like to thank the Fans who got our Banners and used it very well ^.^/
Hope you did enjoy the Banner and the Event ❤

Officil-Photos-Penshoppe-14 Officil-Photos-Penshoppe-13 Officil-Photos-Penshoppe-12

More Photos HERE

Officil-Photos-Penshoppe-11 Officil-Photos-Penshoppe-10 Officil-Photos-Penshoppe-9 Officil-Photos-Penshoppe-8 Officil-Photos-Penshoppe-7 Officil-Photos-Penshoppe-6 Officil-Photos-Penshoppe-5 Officil-Photos-Penshoppe-4 Officil-Photos-Penshoppe-3 Officil-Photos-Penshoppe-2 Officil-Photos-Penshoppe-1

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