[VIDEO] Sandara Park Gives Skin Tips for OnStyle’s Get It Beauty Self Episode 16

Read some of the Translations below ^.^

Dara: If I have no schedule I personally do my makeup. This is how I do it~

Dara: If you have microfit and moonflash cushion it’s game over. These are items that u can use on regular days.

Ssinnim visited Dara on her cosmetics ad shooting. She will be interviewed for a while by the beauty creator.

Q: Do you personally do your makeup on ordinary days?
D: Yes~ If I don’t have schedule I must do it myself.

Beauty Creator Ssinnim then asked if she could take a look at her makeup pouch. Then Dara called her stylist~

First up in Dara’s makeup/beauty pouch is a mist! She says “Whenever my skin becomes dry I spray this.” 2nd item is Moonshot Multi Protection UV Bouncer and 3rd item is 2 Moonshot cushions, Microfit and Moonflash.

Dara says if you use both Moonshot cushions it’s game over kkk~ Woah~I want to buy now!!!

Q: Do you usually use this? (referring to the 2 moonshot cushions)
D: I must always use it~!!!!

Ssinnim wanted to see how Dara do her own makeup but Dara said I have my full makeup done so I can’t erase it.

Instead Dara said “but I filmed myself while doing it~ You can watch it here in my mobile phone.

Dara: Hello~This is Dara! I have a schedule for a show now but I am in overseas country.(in Thailand kkk) They say I have a baby like skin so I’ll reveal my Sandara Park’s Light&Light skin secret and give you tips!! I don’t like wearing heavy makeup so light makeup will do, like it’s my skin (natural look). After applying foundation, use Moonshot Microfit and lightly tap on your face like this.It’s like my skin~ If you need to do a heavy makeup for a performance you can apply it on your face two times. This Moonshot Microfit cushion has light coverage and it feels comfortable in your skin.

Next use Moonflash cushion and lightly tap it to your face T-zone and use it as a highlighter. pparabam~ Now Sandara Park’s Glowing Makeup is now complete~!!!

Translated by @WeLoveDara
We will update this post once the full translations are out 🙂 For the meantime enjoy the translations above! ^.^

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