[CAPS] HQ/HD Screencaps of Fun, Lovely and Charming Dara for Penshoppe Spring 2016

Just want you guys to know that, this video is super duper worth screencap-ing like every frame is worth sharing T.T Dara’s every angle looks like God himself Sculpted it to perfection, like what the hell?! I know its not new that Dara is gorgeous in every way, but damn! This video is really amazing! Thank you so much Penshoppe for this great goodies!

So ~ Enjoy the screencaps Blackjacks! ❤ Please do remember that you can do ANYTHING you want in the photos below ~ But please don’t forget to credit us for using it ^.^ Thank you!

PENSHOPPE-Dara-Spring-2016-67 PENSHOPPE-Dara-Spring-2016-61 PENSHOPPE-Dara-Spring-2016-35 PENSHOPPE-Dara-Spring-2016-30 PENSHOPPE-Dara-Spring-2016-24

Screencaps by @ForeverWithDara

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