[LINE DIARY] Dara Reveals she’s currently in Bangkok for Work and Missing the Warm weather

160211-LINE Diary-1


I’m now at Thailand ^_^

I am really amazed and thankful when after my work is done there will be a gift like this always, an overseas schedule.
Last year too I almost froze filming Dr. Ian but after that I went to Singapore, returned to Philippines then while doing We Broke Up /Producer after a month I went to Hawaii~ In Missing Korea..Oh before filming for it I went to America hihi but even so it’s wonderful right?!

160211-LINE Diary-2

This time also, during 2015 after struggling with cold wave while filming for a movie I got to go to warm Thailand afterwards ^_^ Ah so happy~ As soon as I came I have to do my schedule, it looks like I’ll be doing work according to my schedule. Even so I like it!!! Because it’s hot here so I like it!!! I also like outdoor filming! I like them all!!! >.< I didn’t know how much I missed the warm weather… +.+ While working hard I’ll also undergo healing process~ There is also a lot of food that I wanted to eat!!!

Yum Woon Sen… Pad Thai… Members also like these foods… sobs.. let’s eat together later~ 🍴”

160211-LINE Diary-3

Screencap and Translated by @WeLoveDara


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