[LINE] Dara’s LINE Diary Entry #3 ~ Talks about the Sunbaenims she met and what it felt like being a Teenager


“Ha Hyeongon Sunbae-nim who got the role as the drummer!!!
Daebak it’s amazing~~~
With my favorite Click V Sunbae-nim who became like my bandmate … 
A lot of time passed by ..


When I was young and a teenager I was not able too see the sunbae-nims I like at my age and still it brings back my childhood memories but that people who are my idols are now working with me and I meet them …
I feel like I went back from being a teenage girl. ^^
Do I want to return as a teenager? I don’t want to go back as a teenager again .. (I don’t want to go to school TT.TT kekekeke)
But I really miss the atmosphere that time .. and my appearance too.”

Screencap and Translated by @WeLoveDara

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