[LINE] Dara’s LINE Diary Entry #1 ~ Talks about her Difficulties, Thoughts and Experiences during the Filming of her First Movie


“Movie shoot is finished.

It was short but went through difficult times on very cold January, if it’s not cold I think it won’t be difficult.

In the meantime my character has been like unruly girl that I don’t have to act cute so even in our filming site I couldn’t eat fruit silently even if it’s a bit gloomy, but actually when it’s over I have to get a hold of myself.


Did I do well? Did I do it right .. There were a lot of challenges and worries in finishing the movie, so hearing good words from the film director sunbae-nims and staffs that worries completely disappeared. I always wanted to do my utmost and give my best but working hard is different from doing well. I still lack a lot and not everything in the output come out as what I’ve wanted but rather than thinking negative things I must think positively. In doing so I can receive good energy and I’ll be able to enjoy doing it.  A lot of Blackjacks are worried for my first movie too but there is no certainty on this challenge! But it won’t be meaningless. I really learned and experienced a lot. I realized it during the wrap up party .. I must not be in myself while filming this. ^^


I have to know which direction to go and think a bit about the opportunities. Finishing each one can be sad but I feel great. This New Year too fighting to all of us and may our plans go well.


Screencap and Translated by @WeLoveDara

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