[LINE] Dara Shares Her Adventure Last Night ~ Went to Watch a Play and Eat Chicken Feet!

Dara-LINE Diary-160131-1

“I’m ~ a girl who is cultured! Ha … ^_^v
Yesterday I went to Daehakro for the first time in a while and saw a play. Thanks to (Ock) Joohyun unnie I go out to play and see fun performances and eat good food and release my stress!!! ^.^

It was a play called “Kiss of the Spider Woman” and actress Kim Hoyoung was so great and I enjoyed it!!!
Ah … I also tried chicken feet .. For the first time but, I still can’t enjoy it yet.

Dara-LINE Diary-160131-2

I tried to be brave and held it to my mouth but I felt the toes touching me so I was shocked and then gave up. Then unnie said she would eat one with me so I tried again and succeed but … ummm yeah ~ ^^;; The taste … I’ll try to enjoy it next time ~ Blackjacks, you should always try new things too!!! lololol Okay Okay?!”

Translated by @kristinekwak
Screencaps by @GorgeousDARA_SG


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