[ARTICLE] 2NE1’s Dara Makes Cameo As Egotistical Idol In ‘One More Happy Ending’


2NE1 member and actress Sandara Park appeared as an arrogant top idol in the debut episode of One More Happy Ending which aired last week.

Dara played the role of Seul Ah, the most popular idol and lead singer of a five-member girl group Angels.

Seul Ah rakes in all the commercials and drama appearances, but instead of being gracious about it, she makes her other members feel inferior because of that fact. This haughty behavior builds resentment among the other members, including the drama’s lead character Mi Mo played by Jang Nara.


The conflict comes to a head when Seul Ah gets the lead role in a drama for which Mi Mo auditioned. To add insult to injury, Seul Ah did not even audition for the role and Mi Mo had been cast as Seul Ah’s servant in the drama.

Seul Ah and Mi Mo begin a catty fight during one of their idol performances, and when photographers snap photos of the rumble, the group is then disbanded.

One More Happy Ending tracks the present lives of Mi Mo and her three other girl group gal pals in their 30’s after their idol glory days, as they struggle with careers, friendships and romantic relationships.

The drama airs Wednesday and Thurday nights on MBC.

Credits: Kpopstarz

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