[LINE] 151214 – Dara’s Lovely and Nostalgic LINE Diary Update About JINUSEAN’s Concert

151214 Dara's Line Diary 3

LINE Diary

“JINUSEAN Oppas Concert still lingers on my mind until now it brings back the old days nostalgia (brings back past memories). Going to their concert excites me as I have ever been like having fun dancing into their performance, yesterday I with Hayi and Soohyun sat at the front but I felt completely different with this generation hohohoho … Everytime the song changes the kids and me react with very different kind of excitement kkk

In the Past if a song comes out I too without knowing gets really excited Kyak! Kyak! Soohyun is seated in my front and I look at her whenever she makes “oing” expressions kkkkk and recently when the song by the guests played and at the same time the hot and young(?) friends came out, the kids got really excited and I too amazingly stared at them~ Its somewhat happy and awkward situation kkkk no why am I .. In the old days I still remember that I used to naturally move my body to the dance choreography?

Whenever “How Deep is Your Love” is being sang I really get very emotional and sing along with it and again I think my excitement somehow reached its peak when the moment Uhm Junghwa unnie came out … Wow … Holy Cow … Woah … Ah but why do I know Poison’s Choreography ….? I also tried to do “Tell Me” stage performance without knowing too … Anyway its was great ^.^

It made me think of my childhood days nostalgia (childhood memories) it was the time … Recently there were a lot of good music and happy songs to listen to but somehow the musics that I like and enjoy listening to when I was in my teenage years until now are a bit extraordinary that I think it still remains in my heart. Even in the past when Oppas sing their song they were very cool too .. Yesterday I really felt like I rode a time machine and had time travel ^_^ *happy* *happy*”

Translated by @WeLoveDara

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