[ARTICLE] Dara Released Hidden Feminine Beauty… ‘Pure Dara’ to Celebrate Her Birthday

DARA - YG STAGE 8Heroine for YG STAGE November pictorial is Dara. Her label revealed the one without revealing face on the teaser image for ‘Maison de Jasmine’ released on YG STAGE (www.ygstage.com) and YG STAGE official SNS on November 10 was Dara at midnight on November 12.

Dara expressed the original beauty as an actress with a concept motivated by pure white flower jasmine through this pictorial. Dara’s pure and slender image along with pure white beauty attracts public gaze.

YG STAGE pictorial is to find a new image for the actors under YG label. Many of best staff joined Dara to put her new attractiveness in the pictorial such as photographer JDZ Chung who has been working with WINNER and other YG artists, stylist Seo Soo-Gyeong, hairstylist Kwak Dong-woo and makeup artist Shin Kyeong-mi.

Dara disclosed her feeling about this pictorial by saying “I like to challenge new things so I liked to take pictorial with new concept and I love the result. I will constantly challenge in the future”.

In particular, it is more meaningful because this pictorial released on November 12 which is Dara’s birthday. At the same time, YG Entertainment uploaded Dara’s photo wearing white dress and tiara in the drama ‘Missing Korea’ along with phrase “HAPPY BIRTHDAY dara” on the official blog and 2NE1’s SNS to celebrate her birthday.

The Part. 2 of Dara’s pictorial expressed pureness and matured beauty at the same time, ‘Maison de Jasmine’ will be released on November 19 followed by Part. 1. Many people are paying attention since there will be a male actor unveiled who worked together with Dara on Part.2.

Source : Star Naver

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