[PHOTOS] Oh! My Goddess Celebrates Dara’s Birthday with a Cake, Briquette Donation and More

[tweet https://twitter.com/ohmygoddessDARA/status/664283001577017344 align=center]

They got some giftssss for Dara 🙂 and that huge teddy bear is so cute ^.^/
The gifts includes some Fruit Baskets, a Bouquet and a Flower Basket too!

[tweet https://twitter.com/ohmygoddessDARA/status/664284693668368384 align=center]

I think Dara went out to receive the gifts from OMG (isn’t that sweet? hayyy) and personally gave her Business cards to OMG admins

[tweet https://twitter.com/ohmygoddessDARA/status/664458094617825281 align=center]

Oh! My Goddess Certification for the Briquette Donation that they made (Thanks to the donors too!)

[tweet https://twitter.com/ohmygoddessDARA/status/664458488928579584 align=center]

and of course! The adorable and looks tasty Birthday Cake for our Sweetest Dara. The cake was designed by @.

Dara Birthday OMG 1 Dara Birthday OMG 2 Dara Birthday OMG 3 Dara Birthday OMG 4

Credits: @ohmygoddessDARA + @21pinkMIC

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