[LINE] 151009 – Dara Shows Off her Cooking Skills and Asked everyone to Eat Delicious meals

Dara LINE Play Diary 1

Daebakk .. I told you that I originally don’t cook~ I was able to live not knowing how to cook and having no interest in it. Today my mother had to go out and Dog Poop (Sanghyun) said he is hungry TT so I was worried and cooked ..!!! This is crazy …!!! It was really delicious!!! The taste … Sigh … Ah how did it become delicious like this!!!??! It seems I have an ability to cook hoot ~ ^_^v Ah this is really .. ^^;; It’s embarrassing .. All of you please eat delicious lunch~!!! Ppyong~”

Dara LINE Play Diary 2

Screencapped by @ilovegd21
Translated by Hannah@WeLoveDara

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