[CAPS] HQ/HD Screencaptures from Penshoppe’s “Sandara Park for Urban Rebel” Campaign

Waaaa ~ *.* Words are not enough to express Dara’s perfection ~
Once again Dara proves her title being a ‘Goddess’ Every angle, every subtle moves she makes, it melts my whole being T^T I can’t thank enough Penshoppe for getting Dara as their next Ambassador /sobs/


Enjoy the 101 Screencaps, Blackjacks and Daralings! ❤ Feel free to do anything in those photos ^.^
If you want to credit us, then do as you please, but if you don’t want kkk its fine too as long as you’ll use the photos in a good use ~ Enjoy! ^.^/

(Click the Photo to see the full Resolution ^.^)

Sandara X Penshoppe 101 Sandara X Penshoppe 94 Sandara X Penshoppe 89 Sandara X Penshoppe 84 Sandara X Penshoppe 67

Screencaps by @ForeverWithDara

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