[LINE] 150907 – Dara’s LINE Play Diary, Updated Blackjacks about Her Plane Ride and Jet lag

Dara LINE Update 150907 2 Dara LINE Update 150907 3

“I can’t ride airplane well. You remember? Long time ago when we were filming for 2NE1 TV and its our first time to go to LA, I got very nervous and severely sick that for how many days I can only lay down at the hotel and can’t enjoy. That’s why when it’s a long distance flight and I travel for how many hours, I go to a good hotel right away and I’ll just be knocked out keke Its regrettable to let two days passed by and naturally I failed because of my jet lag!!!!

That’s why~!!! This time I whole heartedly ate!!! Yesterday I arrived at 3PM but never slept!!! That’s why I really hold out well~ I boiled to eat noodles right away kekeke I also ate a delicious supper and went out to drink the best milk shake! So I went home around 11PM? After arriving, I boiled to eat cup noodles again kekeke then I saw its already 1AM!! 

Now all of you want to sleep right!!! I hope I can sleep so my jet lag will be gone but well its 5AM … sobs~ I’m hungry … I wanted to eat packed rice with Tuna but if kids picked up the sound of it wiggling they might wake up … I’m now at my room writing in my diary … kekeke 

Today I have schedule so I should sleep more!!! What to do …”

Translated by Hannah@WeLoveDara

Dara LINE Update 150907 1

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