[LINE] Dara Updated her LINE Play Diary – “Time is really fast right?! ~ Blackjacks what are your dreams?!”

LINE Play Diary Update Dara 2

“Change of Season is approaching.. without realizing the extreme heat disappears and it will be chilly until the end. Time is really fast right?!! Feel that this year’s summer in Korea is hotter than Philippines.

So a few days before, a typhoon just passed by it rained for a while so it was a bit cold. That’s why I went out fully armed but suddenly it was hot .. hahahaha I have to somewhat adjust hohoho but these days at morning and night time’s daily range the weather change is extreme so catching colds is easy. Everyone wouldn’t want to prefer to dress up a bit warmly when going out ’cause Blackjacks are precious hahaha

Now that August ended also, I think from September I will be suddenly busy ~ I will work harder!!! On TV not everyone comes out, they just rest and also there is a lot of people who are also going to come out. In behalf of those who can’t watch the 3 minute stage performance, it takes 3 months to start filming a drama or movie for 1-2 hours a week, that feeling when you have to work overnight. I just realized this is the work I really like…!!!

So we are! Oneself should consider what work he/she really likes to do ^___^ Blackjacks what are your dreams?! Just suddenly doing a survey keke I am curious~

It’s weekend so I’m thinking if I should eat pizza, I have to kill time ~ Nyam nyam nyam …”

Translated by Hannah@WeLoveDara

LINE Play Diary Update Dara 1

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