[INSTAGRAM] Dara Shares Photos From We Broke Up Thank You Event

I saw my lightstick… You guys were there then why can’t I hear you ㅋㅋ Those are my lightsticks! Why didn’t say something heuk heuk heuk… But still long time no see. So nice to see you guys~ ^^

Acoustic version of “Today” is arranged by Sungwoo Jungah~ also the guitar part came in perfect way!!! Thank you very much~ ^.^

#TwoOfUs Wonyoung truly did both acting and singing pretty well~!!! Though he is a hoobae and a younger brother, the energy he has always takes good care of me during filming and recording. Thank you~ Good job Ji Wonyoung!!! Noh Woori will come back again with the looks of a senior!!! ㅋㅋㅋ

A picture with the boys! Cute! ^_^

Ssancoustic! My dream like scene of Ssancoustic.. Looks pretty nervous..






Source: daraxxi
Translated by: @Miao_21

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