[LINE] Confuse Dara on What Song to Sing on Busking and Asked Blackjacks if they know the Lyrics ~

Dara LINE Diary 2



Busking is on Monday (Ah.. Since we have this situation it will be only a mini meeting to watch our busking…? ^^;) I don’t know which song to sing but still do you know the lyrics of We Broke Up OST?!

You don’t know right? TT.TT  Frankly you can’t even listen to all of it… sobs ~ But in this world not all things will go the way I’m hoping it to be,even it’s a bit poor situation but still it would be nice if we have a good meeting!!!

So if an unknownsong comes up, people at the stage and also the audience will have a blank look but if you watch the drama there is a video of there is a video of the music piece that is 1 minute and 30 seconds and I know all of you watched. That’s why … It’s familiar to you right? ^^

Right right?! If not, should I give you the lyrics?!”

Translated by Hannah@WeLoveDara

Dara LINE Diary 1

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