[OFFICIAL] We Broke Up Cast To Hold “Thank You” Event In Celebration of WBU’s Success

Yeeeeeeey!!! Finally!!! They’re going to do the busking event! Woooo~! It will be limited to a number of people though, which means it will be a really intimate event where the fans can meet the cast? Waaaah someone teleport me to Korea now! T_T


‘WE BROKE UP’, starring DARA, KANG SEUNG YOON, KANG SEUNG HYUN, and JANG KI YONG, has surpassed 10 million views! We will hold ‘THANK YOU’ event to celebrate 10 million views breakthrough with all the fans who have shown us so much love and support!

The event notice will go up on the official YGK+ instagram (https://instagram.com/yg_kplus/) today afternoon. Leave your comment and become one of the 100 people to receive invitations (two per one person) to the event!

공지 시간 (Event notice time) : 2015년 8월 13일 오후 YG케이플러스 공식 인스타그램 돌발 게시

공연 일시 (Event date) : 2015년 8월 17일(월) @ 15:00(KST)
*오후 2시 30분부터 입장
*admission begins at 14:30(KST)

장소 (Place) : 홍대 롤링 홀 (Hongdae Rolling Hall)

Here’s the official post on YGK+ instagram. Will post translations once available! ^^



Source: YG Family Official Facebook + YGK Instagtam
Re-Uploaded by: ForeverWithDara

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