[NEWS/VIDEO] Sandara Park to Star the Korean Musical Version of “Begin Again”

Showbiz Korea 1

Last August 3, 2015 Showbiz Korea uploaded their Episode 1150 about Hallyu actresses in their 20’s” in their Youtube channel. Where they featured numerous Talented Actress, in this segment they also featured our very own Sandara Park that will make her debut on the Big Screen for the Korean Musical Version of the English filmed called “Begin Again”

They also mentioned how Dara started her acting career this year starting with Dr. Ian (Web-Series) that received positive reviews for her excellent acting. And the recently finished Romantic Comedy Web-toon “We Broke Up” that Sandara showed a matured acting.

In the video that Showbiz Korea uploaded, the “Begin Again” Korean Version is called “Crank” (still a working title) and will start filming on September 2015. Sandara Park will act as a Part-Timer who works at a Convenience Store, she will be leaving on a music journey after being captivated by a mysterious melody.

Starts @ 3:00


Source: Arirang@Youtube
Article by @ForeverWithDara

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