[NEWS] Dr. Ian and We Broke Up is Nominated on the Upcoming 1st KWEB Festival on July 30th & 31st

Dr. Ian and We Broke Up are both Nominated for the 1st KWEB Festival ~!!! *squeal* OMG! I’m so excited for Dara unnie and all the staff and crew of both web series >.< Unfortunately, Dara said that she’s out of the country on the said date of the festival which is on July 30th and 31st.

Nonetheless! As an Amateur Actress on this field (Web Series) this is a really big big achievement! We’re so proud of you Dara unnie! You’re really the B-E-S-T! Hope Both Web series will win any of the category they’re fighting for! Hwaiting!

Be sure to Keep supporting Dr. Ian and We Broke Up, Blackjacks!


Dr. Ian Profile HERE
Watch Dr. Ian HERE


We Broke Up Profile HERE
Watch We Broke Up on NAVER or Youtube

PS. They used FWD’s Promotional banner for the profile /sobs/



About KWEB Fest

KWEBFEST and the web series represents huge potential for Korea and its place in the global content market. K-pop is already a huge ambassador for Korean culture and is gaining popularity in the Asian, European, and American markets.  We believe the next ambassador will be KWEBFEST, spreading new digital content and culture to every part of the globe.   

Web series: enjoy them quickly but fully!
Digital mobile generation’s culture contents: web series

Web series are a series of approximately 10 minute-long short episodes, customized to the digital age for watching on the move through mobile devices like smart phones. What sets this medium apart is that viewers can watch web series any time and any place, and they can be shared freely through social media such as YouTube.

Korean broadcast stations such as KBS and large entertainment companies such as CJ E&M are televising various genres of web series including dramas, movies, comedies, music and advertisements. Several countries around the world including the US and France already have already created specialized web series production companies. Each country is helping web series productions secure a place as a new culture icon, and these are currently rising as popular contents through web series film festivals hosted in local venues.

Read more About KWEB Fest HEREHERE

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