[WEIBO/INSTAGRAM] 150619 – Sandara Reminds Blackjacks~ “We Broke Up” Airs on June 29, 7PM KST!

Noh Woori and Ggotdongie (dog’s name) 😝 #WEBROKEUP D-10

Screenshot 2015-06-19 22.54.03

网络剧《我们分手了》即将开始播放。一起出演的花东东拍了照片。网络剧很有趣的~请多多期待 ^.^

Web drama 《We Broke Up》 will be broadasted soon. Took a photo with Ggotdoongie. The web drama is interesting~ Please look forward to it ^.^

11325892_861406733942784_740409427_n11326769_843617672380360_215330692_n 005ZvdSDjw1et9ny2s83bj30fz0hsju3 005ZvdSDjw1et9ny24pquj30hs0ev406Translated by : KIMJ1WON + DaraIDoCN

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