[WEIBO] 150529 Ssan Actress Promotes “Producer” — Shares Gorgeous BTS Photos of Her

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你好?我这次在一部很有趣的电视剧中客串了一个角色~ 虽然戏份不多但真的很有趣~ 特别是这部电视剧中有很多我喜欢的演员,所以更加让我期待,大家在拍摄现场也对我照顾有加,给我留下了一段非常美好的回忆。希望大家也能多多观看“制作人”哦

Hi? I’m acting in a very interesting drama as a guest performer~ Even though I don’t have many scenes, the drama is really funny~ Especially there are lots of actors which I like, so that makes me expect more. Also everyone took care of me during the filming, so I have wonderful memories. Hope you guys can watch “Producer”

Translated by : DARAIDoCN

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