[INTERVIEW] Sandara Park, Kang Seungyoon, Kang Seunghyun, and Jang Kiyong for Elle June 2015 Issue

 Growing season, After Break Up

Elle 1

A couple who used to date in college break up, but end up living together! The leads, Sandara Park and Kang Seungyoon, along with Kang Seunghyun and Jang Kiyong of the webdrama “We Broke Up” slated to broadcast at the end of June, sat down to share their honest stories.

Fashion magazine <Elle> revealed the charming photoshoot and interview of webdrama, “We Broke Up,” a collaboration project between YG KPlus and Story Plant of CJ E&M, with the leads Sandara Park and Kang Seungyoon, along with model-actress/actor Kang Seunghyun and Jang Kiyong.

This is Sandara Park’s second webdrama after “Dr. Ian” and she will be potraying Noh Woori, a women indecisive between two men and living together with ex-boyfriend. Her costar Kang Seungyoon, the leader of Winner, who will play Ji Wonyoung, the musically passionate leader of a band. Sandara Park revealing her close relationship with Kang Seungyoon saying, “I’ve always treated Seungyoon cutely, like a baby, so I am preparing to be teased by my 2NE1 members.”

For Kang Seungyoon, who ha recieved the leading role in “We Broke Up,” his second acting project after “High Kick! Revenge of the Short Legged,” he boasted a clear synchronisation of the Ji Wonyoung, a musician who does his best in achieve his dream. He expressed his determination by saying, “I will work hard to portray a character who can be emphathised by the ‘880,000 won generation’ that is vigorously fighting against the world through Wonyoung.”

Meanwhile, Kang Seunghyun, originally a model, will challenge himself in acting out Yoon Nina, a women who became a director at an entertainment company at a young age, in her first drama ever. More known as model Hyoni to the masses instead of Kang Seunghyun, she revealed how she recieved the oppurtunity to join the drama stating, “I cringe when I’m referred to as a rookie actress. Without Director Kim Yongwan’s persuasion that he believed that there was a Yoon Nina somewhere within me, I wouldn’t have dared to gather my courage.”

Jang Kiyong, who left a deep impression as an actor through his role Ahn Chaejoon in “Seonam Girls High School Investigators,” is known for his unique charm since his modelling days. He, who has been simultaneously filming for the upcoming JTBC drama, “My Love Eundong,” will act as Seo Hyunwoo, Noh Woori’s coworker with a personality like daddy-long-legs that takes good care of her. However, in reality, he confessed his ideal type being “someone who can take care of me well because I am clumsy like “Noh Woori” and showed his affection for the webdrama.

Translated by @chrissy96_
Source: Elle Korea

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