[INTERVIEW] Kim Young Kwang Talks about Working with Sandara Park for Dr. Ian

Dr Ian Kim Young Kwang

Question: How do you feel working with 2NE1’s Sandara Park?

Kim Young Kwang: Sandara Park noona is very easy going. I thought she will be very bubbly and cute person since she’s an idol but she’s someone with very deep thinking after knowing her. She has her own thinking and ideas for her scenes and she’s also a very calm person. I was surprised by side of her. Although she doesn’t talk much when we were filming, I can feel that she’s taking care of the people she’s filming with. I’m very happy to film with her because she’s a famous person (LOL) 

Question: Is Dara close to your Ideal type?

Kim Young Kwang: I didn’t have time to thinkmuch about it because the filming time is too short. We all have pack schedules so we finished filming in 5 days. It was very tiring and energy draining so I didn’t have time to about it.

Translated by darliciousx@WeLoveDara

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