[NEWS] YG Ent: “Dara Playing Drama Series “Dr. Ian”’s Leading Role Shot at Script-Reading Meeting!”

Dr. Ian Kim Young Kwang 2

– Great visual just like an actress, outstanding acting of her role arouses “high expectations”
DARA who plays her first-ever leading role in web drama “Dr. Ian” (written by Lee Aram/directed by Kwon Hyuk-chan) jointly produced by Korean and China, has unveiled her photo taken at a script-reading meeting.
DARA in the pic unveiled on the 26 is catching the eyes, with her look just like an actress immersed in reading scripts seriously and calmly.
At the meeting, DARA was reading the lines in the script so naturally and stably, so it was difficult to believe that it was her first leading role. Her looks and personality also looked just like her character in the drama. DARA’s concentration was outstanding, just like she was actually at the shooting. She impressed the staff at the meeting by getting into her character’s emotions immediately. According to insiders, DARA also took a natural lead at the meeting, creating perfect harmony with her counterpart actor Kim Youngkwnag who she works with for the first time.
Before “Dr. Ian”, DARA appeared in her first drama series in Korea, MBC’s “The Return of Iljimae” in 2009. Then, she went on to prove her potential as an actress, appearing as a cameo actress in film “Girl Friend”, etc.
DARA now begins her career as an actress in earnest, by playing the leading role in “Dr. Ian”. Her character “Lee Sodam” is a peculiar office worker who hides her face with a puppet mask and long hair when she is embarrassed. She is expected to show a lovely and whimsy appeal by acting the character.
Meanwhile, “Dr. Ian” is a story about love and healing of a man and woman, who were committed to their love but dumped even without saying good-bye. It will be first aired on March 29 at 10:30pm on NAVER TV CAST and China’s Youku.
Source: YG Family

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