[NEWS] 2NE1’s Come Back Home Won the ‘Favorite KPOP Video’ Award on MYX Music Awards 2015

Wohoo!! Our hard work of voting almost everyday for 2NE1 paid off!

2NE’s Come Back, Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips, Girls Generetation’s MR. MR., EXO’s Overdose and Donghae & Eunhyuk’s Still You, competed for the “Favorite K-Pop Video” category in MYX Music Awards 2015.

MYX Philippines tweeted the winners for the said Awards Event

[tweet https://twitter.com/MYXphilippines/status/580707829587165185 align=center]

After MYX announced the winner (for the category) Dara thanks Blackjack for supporting them (HERE). Also Dara has a special video message, someone said that in the video Dara said to watch out for CL’s solo album and her web Drama Dr. Ian.

MYX Awards 2015


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