[ARTICLE] Billboard: “Little Mix, 2NE1, t.A.T.u. Dominate Girl Group Week Readers’ Poll”

(Photo : IME Productions)

(Photo : IME Productions)

Billboard.com’s 2015 Girl Group Week has come to an end, and to mark the occasion, we wanted to reveal the results of our second annual Girl Group Week Readers’ Poll, which let pop fans vouch for their favorite girl group songs, albums, videos and more. With thousands of votes cast in the three days that the readers’ poll was open, it’s time to congratulate Little Mix, 2NE1and t.A.T.u. for coming out on top in some of the major categories!

For the second straight year, 2NE1’s Crush album was named the favorite girl group album by readers — in 2014the full-length captured 22 percent of the vote, and this year it did even better. Little Mix’s Salute came in second place in the girl group album poll, but the U.K. quartet can find solace in the fact that their breakout hit “Wings” was voted the favorite girl group single, besting older smashes like Spice Girls‘ “Wannabe” and t.A.T.u.’s “All The Things She Said.”

Speaking of t.A.T.u., the pop duo commanded the favorite girl group music video category for the second year in a row with the provocative clip for “All The Things She Said.” The group also had a strong showing in the underrated girl group category (which Orange Caramel ran away with) and the girl group that needs to make a comeback poll (which Spice Girls won handily). And don’t worry, Harmonizers — Fifth Harmony placed in several categories, including the favorite girl group album and music video, although the haters did name them the most overrated girl group.

Check out the full results from the Girl Group Week Readers’ Poll below, and sound off in the comments section. Thanks for voting!

Favorite Girl Group Album

1. 2NE1, Crush (32.5% of vote)
2. Little Mix, Salute (12.7%)
3. Fifth Harmony, Reflection (10.5%)

Favorite Girl Group Single

1. Little Mix, “Wings” (24.9%)
2. Spice Girls, “Wannabe” (11.4%)
3. t.A.T.u., “All The Things She Said” (10.6%)

Most Underrated Girl Group

1. Orange Caramel (50.2%)
2. t.A.T.u. (25.2%)
3. Girls Aloud (4.6%)

Most Overrated Girl Group

1. Fifth Harmony (28%)
2. Little Mix (21.9%)
3. Spice Girls (14%)

Most Promising New Girl Group

1. 2NE1 (45%)
2. Little Mix (24.9%)
3. Fifth Harmony (21.1%)

Girl Group That Needs To Make a Comeback

1. Spice Girls (26.1%)
2. Destiny’s Child (21.3%)
3. t.A.T.u. (19.4%)

Favorite Girl Group Music Video

1. t.A.T.u., “All The Things She Said” (37.2%)
2. Little Mix, “Wings” (16.8%)
3. Fifth Harmony, “Bo$$” (10.6%)

Best Decade for Girl Groups

1. 1990s (37.8%)
2. 2000s (29.5%)
3. 2010s (29%)

Credit: Billboard

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