[PHOTOS] Still-Cuts of Sandara Park and Kim Young Kwang’s “Dr. Yi Ahn”

OMG! OMG! OMG! Who’s excited for Dara’s Darama?! I CAN’T KEEP CALM DOWN AFTER SEEING THIS PHOTOS OTL … The agony of waiting begins ~ ToT

BUT! Earlier this morning, we got some infos (Legit) that the wed drama will be airing on March 30th through Naver TV Cast. We will continually update you guys about the Web Drama ^o^ I know you’re very excited to estch it ^_^ ~ for the mean time enjoy this still-cuts of Dr. Ian

Dr. Yi Ahn Preview 0

This looks like exactly the same like the photo Lee Sanghyun uploaded earlier this week ^_^

Dr. Yi Ahn Preview 1

The original poster who posted the photos in weibo tagged some members of boy group called Legend, so probably this guys surrounding ‘So Dam’ is Legend. Wonder what are they doing to So Dam kekeke

Dr. Yi Ahn Preview 2

AND THE LAST PHOTO, BUT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ONE T.T Dara’s face is so spot-on! You can really see the pain in her eyes TT_TT Unnie really did her best for this role, and I’m 101% sure that she’ll never let us down huhuhu T.T Just like what she said in her LINE Play Update recently, I really see So Dam than Dara even though I haven’t watch the series … Dara unnie jjang!

Dr. Yi Ahn Preview 3


Photo Credits: JOY–1021@weibo via @SandaraBarCHINA
Info about the Release of the Web Drama via @XXiKJOP

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